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Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Winkle relaxing Injections are now the UK's number one treatment for facial lines and wrinkles and have been used safely in the UK and abroad for over 30 years.

The injections relax the facial muscles, that over time, cause lines and wrinkles to appear. It is given as a series of injections using a tiny kneedle and takes only a few minutes to administer. Individual muscles are targeted so that lines and wrinkles are smoothed out but facial expression is not lost.

For Wrinkle Reduction
1 Area from £200
2 Areas from £250
3 Areas £300
Extra areas (Each) £50
Laser Hair Removal - IPL Intense Pulsed Light

Permanent Hair reduction, skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment, Pigmentation Removal & Thread Vein Removal.

Why live with unwanted hair? The laser Light offers a safe and long term solution to unwanted excess hair. IPL is the fastestand most reliable system on the market. IPL hair reduction treatment is suitable for the face and body and fantastic results can be seen immediately.

Lip £35
Chin  £35
Lip & Chin £60
Jaw Line £40
Chin & Jaw line £70
Sides of Face £60
Neck £60
Full Face (lip, chin, jaw line & sides) £100
Centre Brow £25
Nipple Area £50
Under Arms £75
Half Arms £90
Three Quater Arms £120
Full Arms £140
Half Legs*   from £160
Three quarter legs* from £190
Full Legs* from £225
Chest* £70
Stomach* £70
Standard Bikini £75
Extended Bikini £100
Hands £45
Feet £45
7 treatments for the price of 6
Patch Test and consultation fee £25 (redeemable if a courseof treatments is purchased).
Ask about our fantastic packages for several areas.The above prices are per session. (Treated at the same time).
Please call to make a FREE no obligation appt, to discussyour requirements.
* Depends on the size of the area to be treated.
IPL - Skin Defining Treatments
The ultimate anti aging procedure, the perfect solution combating the formation and appearance of lines and wrinkles. To eradicate all those sun spots, hyper pigmentation,acne, blemishes and thread veins to reveal radiant regenerated skin almost immediately.
Skin Rejuvenating Facial
Full face £65-75
Acne Treatment
Small area £25-50
Full Face £50-75
Back from... £80-100
Pigmentation Removal
Small area   £25-50
Large areas* Priced at consultation
Thread Vein Removal
Small area   £25-50
Large areas* Priced at consultation
Prices shown per session. Excellent packages are also available
* Priced at consultation.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers are used to enhance and soften your appearance by smoothing out the lines and creases that develop with age. They are injected directly to these areas and give an immediate effect.

Dermal Fillers are most commonly used for treating deep forehead lines and nose to mouth lines.
Restylane Fillers with Lydocaine
1st Syringe £300
2nd Syringe £175
Consultation Fee £25
Redeemable upon purchase of treatment.
Epil Pro - Permanent Hair Reduction

Epil Pro is risk free hair removal using sound energy epilation which travels precisely down the hair shaft, striking and degenerating the papillary cells at the root. Hair is treated and removed immediately (no hold and wait is necessary as each hair is treated instantly).

Epil Pro requires a course of treatments over which the hair becomes progressively weaker until the re-growth ceases almost completely.

Treatment Prices
£10 = 10 minutes  
£15 = 15 minutes  
£20 = 20 minutes  
e.g. Upper lip 10-15 minutes = £10-15
Consultation and Patch Test is required.
Hair Removal
Top Half Leg £15
Lower Half Leg £13
Full Leg £20
3/4 Leg £17
Standard Bikini £10
Extended Bikini £14
Full Leg & Bikini £28
Brazilian £20
Hollywood £27
Face £20
Face & Eyebrows £25
Half Arm £10
Full Arm £15
Underarm £9
Back from £12
Abdomen £10
Chest £8
Side of Face £7
Lower Lip £4
Upper Lip £7
Chin £7
Eyebrows £8
Neck £6
Upper Lip & Chin £12
Eyebrows £8
Upper Lip £6
Chin £7
Lower Lip £3
Jaw Line £6
Upper Lip & Chin £11
Neck £6
Eyebrow Shaping
Threading £8
Waxed £8
Plucked £6
Eye Treatments
Tinting & Shaping
Please note a skin test is required at least 24 hours before treatment.
Eyelash Tint  £11
Eyebrow Tint  £8
Lash & Brow Tint £15
Spray Tanning
Xen Tan - full body £20
Xen Tan - Legs £14
The sunless tan with no bad odours, streaking or mess. Just an instant olive tan.
(Tanning party discount and mobile service available)
Glyko Peel Facial

Look good and feel Great with a rejuvenating Glyko peel. The result is an improvement in the health of your skin from the very first treatment.

Treating: Wrinkles, Loss of elasticity, Lack of radiance, Hyper pigmentation, Microcystic acne, Skin irregularities.

Glyko Peel is a peel that acts essentially on blemishes and fights against aging. It purifies, regenerates, revitalises and normalises your skin's pigmentation levels.

For optimum results a course of treatments is recommended. Maintain results according to skin type.

1 Treatment £60
6 Treatments for price of 5 £300
Deep Cleansing Facial £25
Luxury Facial  £30
Deep cleansing facial including paraffin wax which stimulates the blood circulation.
Galvanic Facial - Non Surgical Facelift
This facial lifts and firms the cheeks, jawline and brow line, using age Loc treatment gels, focusing on wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead to create a radiance and improving skin tone prior to a special occassion or a maintenance treatment. You will see results immediately, for optimum results a course of treatments is recommended.
Galvanic Facials £50
6 Treatments for price of 5 £250

This treatment involves cleansing crystal peeling and moisturising. It is a technique which consists of manual exfoliation of the skin’s outer surface and is useful for reducingfine lines and wrinkles, aging skin, black/white heads,dehydrated skin, pigmentation, acne scaring and lots more.

The result is smooth shiny healthy looking skin. You will see results immediately, a course of treatments may be required.

1 Treatment £50
6 Treatment for price of 5 £250
Mini Microdermabrasion £30
Standard £20
Clean, file, softening, conditioning and tidying of the cuticles. Moisturising of the hands & forearms. Finished off with a nail varnish of your choice.
Luxury £25
Includes standard manicure & paraffin wax or hand mask treatment.
French Manicure  £24
Luxury French Manicure  £28
French Shape & Varnish  £18
Shape & Varnish  £13
Please remember to bring open toed shoes.
Standard £23
Clean, file, softening, conditioning and tidying of the cuticles. Moisturising of the feet & legs. Finished off with a nail varnish of your choice.
Luxury £30
Includes standard pedicure & paraffin wax or foot mask treatment.
French Pedicure  £28
Luxury French Pedicure  £32
French Shape & Varnish  £20
Shape & Varnish  £15
Diamonte Designs Add  Add £2

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